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Some photos on this site are by Mark Radford Photography taken for Cooperatives West Midlands.  The photo of me cycling was taken by Verity E Milligan for Cycle South Brum.

Video stills are from Redhead Business Films, my official video producer.  Other photos are “family and friends” photos – the header image of me in Norway was taken by my daughter Rebekah.  The solar power photo is by John Hill-Daniel.  The external wall insulation photo is by Roger Harmer.  I only use photos with people’s consent.

Assume everything on this site is my intellectual property unless it says otherwise.

If you spot any broken links or find any problems with this site, please let me know, I designed this site myself and I’m only human.

This site includes adverts for a number of products and services, including the Eden Project, an environmental charity, and its ethical gift range, including plants and gardening, wildlife and pets, home and living, food and drink, flowers and gifts. I’ve worked with the Eden Project and I’m proud to support them in this way. If you buy gifts through this or any other affiliate link that you see on the site, I earn a small commission.

Privacy and data protection statement 

If you sign up to my mailing list or give me your contact details any other way, then I will keep your data secure, won’t share it with anyone else without your consent, and won’t spam you.  This includes if you sign up via Facebook or any other social media as well as this website.  I’m currently taking a course in the GDPR with the intention of being up to date with the GDPR.

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