Crowdfunding and community shares

Are you looking to crowdfund your community venture through a community share issue?  I have experience of preparing community share issues and can help you with yours, along with business planning.  Funding is available to help develop some community share issues.

Phil and ShamsherMaybe your community venture is a housing coop, a community pub, a community-owned renewable energy project, a community building, an arts project or a workers coop?  All of these can raise funds through a community share issue.

The Community Shares Booster programme has been set up to help Community Benefit Societies develop share offers.  If you’re not a Community Benefit Society then I can help you become one.

Along with my colleague Shamsher Dharsani I can help you prepare your community share offer.  Please contact me to discuss how we can help.

The Booster programme is looking for community share issues where there is:

  • a clear community benefit or charitable purpose (but not a registered charity)
  • evidence of deprivation is one of the criteria that will be considered
  • a share offer in preparation that includes both small and institutional investors
  • you will apply for the Community Shares Standard Mark (the Booster fund can support the cost of this).

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