Energy saving

The most sustainable energy of all, is the energy that we do not use.

That’s why energy saving comes first, before renewable energy.  It’s the most cost-effective way to reduce fuel bills and save the planet.

I am widely recognised as Birmingham’s leading energy efficiency expert.  I can help you identify what needs to be done in your home or business to save energy.  Please contact me to find out more.

Are you looking for a better deal on your energy bills for your home or business? Shopping around gives you budget certainty and that’s like gold dust in these difficult times.  I will also do a free check on your business energy bill to help you identify any billing errors.

thermal imaging

NEW for 2018 – thermal imaging surveys – find out where heat is being lost from your building.

Do you work with people at risk of fuel poverty?  I’ve worked with many different organisations to set up and deliver projects that can mitigate fuel poverty among vulnerable people.  Fuel poverty isn’t just a buildings issue – it’s a social issue and my approach can help you identify all the ways in which you can help people get out of fuel poverty.

Contact me for more information.

photo – Black Hills Thermal Imaging

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