Choosing a cheaper energy supplier for your home

When was the last time you checked whether your home energy supplier was offering you a competitive tariff?  If the answer is more than 12 months, or never, then you are almost certainly wasting money on an uncompetitive tariff.

The best way to shop around for the best tariff is to use a good price comparison site.  I have formed an affiliate relationship with Energy Helpline because they offer whole-market price comparisons, unlike some sites who nudge you towards the suppliers who pay them the greatest commissions.

Click here to start your price comparison!

Some top tips to get the most accurate price comparison:

  • have your most recent gas and electricity bills to hand, ideally the last 12 months
  • look on your bills for the name of the supplier and the name of the tariff or price plan
  • when you’re asked to enter your consumption, look on the bills for the annual consumption in kiloWatt hours (kWh) – this is more accurate than entering your consumption in £s or guessing
  • If you’re struggling to find this information then please click here to send me your fuel bills (ideally the last 12 months in one document) .
  • If you only want to see Green tariffs, click on “see additional filters” and then tick “Green plans”.

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