Energy Redress funding scheme

Energy Redress is the first major new funding scheme for energy saving projects to be announced for several years.  As it is funded by fines levied against energy companies for things like poor customer services, the fund is expected to be substantial and to be available until at least 2021.  Registered charities can apply.

Among the things that Energy Redress might fund are:

– Engaging vulnerable customers with energy issues and referring them for support
– Energy advice that does not duplicate existing advice services
– Installation of energy saving or renewable energy measures that cannot be funded elsewhere and are innovative or are being used in innovative ways.
– In home safety advice and measures related to energy systems
– Training and education on energy that is targeted at supporting vulnerable customers.
If you have an idea for an energy saving project, please contact me to see if I can help you get it off the ground.  Ways in which I might be able to help include:
– helping to refine your project idea to test if it would work and what kind of energy and financial savings it might achieve
– writing or editing bids to the Energy Redress funding scheme
– training and mentoring your staff or volunteers to help consumers with energy saving
– helping you to monitor and evaluate the success of your project.
Contact me now to see how we can work together.
For more information on Energy Redress please click here.
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