#GreenOfficeWeek 14-18 May 2018

What are you doing for #GreenOfficeWeek 14-18 May 2018?  Here are my top tips to make your office more environmentally friendly, save money for your business and improve the reputation of your business!

action planning

1. Don’t use energy or water that you don’t need.

The most sustainable energy of all, is the energy that we don’t use.  Turn things off when they aren’t being used.  Use timers, programmers, and thermostats.  These actions won’t cost you a penny yet they are often the most effective.

2.  Understand your baseline

If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it.  Instead of simply paying your energy and water bills and forgetting about them, try to understand your pattern of consumption, and where energy and water are being wasted unnecessarily.  Undertake a simple energy and water use audit of your office to understand where energy and water is being wasted.

3.  Make an action plan

Environmental management is like any other kind of management in your business.  You need an action plan that says who will do what, and when.  If your business has good intentions but no action plan then you will surely fail.

4.  Form a Green Team

Too often, businesses lost money on energy and water and waste by relying on one or two committed individuals to do everything.  A team of people taking responsibility for environmental management normalises the idea of saving energy, water and waste, and holds people accountable.

5.  Spread the good news!

Monitor your achievements and record how much you have saved in £, litres of water, kWh of energy or kilogrammes of carbon dioxide.  Then make sure all your staff, and most importantly, your customers, know about it.  Put a photo of your Green Team celebrating your achievements in your newsletter and annual report.

If you need help from me with Green Office Week then please get in touch – but hurry as my diary is filling up fast.  If you can’t get me during 14-18 May then don’t worry – I will suggest some actions you can start on during 14-18 May so you can Tweet about it, then I will follow it up in the next few weeks with you.

How I can help you

  • understanding your baseline
  • help you to make the business case for energy and water saving in your business
  • training your staff
  • how to communicate your achievements to your customers to grow the reputation of your business
  • help you and your staff to identify the most cost-effective actions to take to give you the best return on investment and increase your profitability
  • help you to monitor the effectiveness of the actions you take.

I want to maximise your energy and water savings – not sell you gadgets you don’t need – so the service I provide is in our mutual interests and will give you the best possible return on your investment in my time.

Contact me for a no obligation discussion on how I can help your business.

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