SHIFT accreditation for housing associations

I am now helping housing associations to get SHIFT environmental sustainability standard.

SHIFT is the sustainability standard for the housing sector.  SHIFT accreditation demonstrates delivery against challenging environmental targets, provides a route-map for improvement and allows organisations to compare performance against their peers.

I will help you develop the strategy you need to get SHIFT accreditation, including advice on environmental policy, maintenance and procurement.

The first housing association I helped with SHIFT were aiming for Bronze standard.  With my help, they were able to get Silver standard at the very first attempt.  I am now helping them to go for Gold!

There is a strong business case for your housing association to go for SHIFT, including:

  • lower running costs for your corporate operations
  • lower void rates and rent arrears
  • counts towards your social return on investment or social audit scores, improving your reputation.

SHIFT is much simpler than some other systems such as ISO14001 which means that I don’t have to charge you the earth in order for you to help save the earth.  Please contact me to discuss how I can help.

heat loss from a house

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