Did you know that from 2017, all businesses that are responsible for paying a water bill, will be able to choose who supplies their water?  This includes social enterprises, charities and public sector bodies, as well as private businesses.  Severn Trent and South Staffs Water have lost their monopolies over supplying water to businesses.  They will continue to own the water supply infrastructure.

While this started life as an ideological move, it does nonetheless mean that there are potentially large financial savings to be made by shopping around for the best water tariff.  As with many other things, the best way to choose a water supplier will be through a broker.  Water suppliers will quite simply offer better prices through brokers than they will to customers who go straight to the supplier, just like insurers and electricity suppliers.  Many suppliers now provide water, electricity and gas, saving you time as well as money.

I have a business partnership with Catalyst Commercial, a Birmingham-based broker that I chose for their honesty, competitive pricing, and good communications.  Let us find you the cheapest water supplier for your business.  Please contact me or, better still, Click here to send me your water bills (ideally the last 12 months in one document) to see how I can help.

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There may be competition in domestic water supply in the future.

What other opportunities are there?

Recent years have seen a number of collective energy buying campaigns.  These have had some impact although they haven’t fundamentally changed the energy market because nobody has succeeded in getting a sufficiently large group of consumers together to influence the market.  A group of very large water users could form a collective buying campaign although it may be that buying through a broker is the best option.

One other possibility is of a group of users forming a consumer cooperative to become their own water supplier.  Localise West Midlands has done some initial feasibility work on this.  A consumer cooperative could supply water to the third sector, and possibly to the public and private sectors.  It could also supply water-saving measures on a pay-as-you-save basis.

In the meantime – shop around for water suppliers!  You could save money.  Use a broker!

If you have any questions or comments, please contact me.

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