Is your business ready for #OpenWater17?

Did you know that from April 2017 it will be possible for your business to choose its own water supplier?

There are large savings that can be made, with around 19 water and sewerage suppliers to choose from.

There will be winners and losers. The winners will be those who act smartly to shop around for a cheaper supplier for their business. The losers will be those who do nothing.

As with choosing a gas and electricity supplier for your business, the biggest savings are to be made by using a reputable broker.  That’s because the suppliers give their best prices to brokers, like insurance companies.  You pay no fees for using a broker.  Our commission is paid by the supplier who wins your business.  That means it’s a win-win situation for you and me.

I have a business partnership with Catalyst Commercial, a Birmingham-based broker that I chose for their honesty, competitive pricing, and good communications.  Let us find you the cheapest water supplier for your business.  Please click here to contact me now or, better still, click here to send me your water bills (ideally the last 12 months in one document) to see how I can help.

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